Brief aan president Zelensky – Engels

To President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine

Your Excellency,

We have hereby enclosed a letter we sent to President Vladimir Putin of the Russian
Federation. In this letter, we have expressed an urgent plea to put an end to the hostilities and take steps towards peace. We believe that the first step towards peace is showing a willingness to come together for a dialogue about ending this violent conflict. Efforts could be made to establish a peace committee, comprising representatives from Russia and Ukraine, led by UN delegates, to work on a plan for lasting peace.
By means of a card signing campaign, we asked the residents of Almelo and its surrounding areas to support this plea for peace. The signed cards have been sent to you via the Ukrainian embassy.

We wish you peace and prosperity.

PAX Almelo
Almelo Council of Churches
Central Overijssel Humanist Association